ETHICAL FASHION is a COOPERATION FOR DEVELOPMENT project TARGETED AT THE FASHION SECTOR, resulting from the partnership between Alta Roma  and ITC  in collaboration with ENVIRONMENT AND TERRITORY, a company of ROME’S CHAMBER OF COMMERCE for business sustainability.

ITC  is the technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  and of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


Thanks to the partnership between ITC and Alta Roma, the numerous communities of micro-manufacturers present in the areas of Sub-Saharan Africa now have an actual capacity for coordination and support for development, significantly translated into the creation of projects targeted at the introduction of goods created in loco into the production chain of the international fashion system.
The numerous resources available in the area and the extremely high qualitative value of the various items, have now gained well-deserved recognition thanks to the possibility of improving basic production structures and the technical assistance and know-how offered by the implementation of the Ethical Fashion project according to various areas of competency: ALTA ROMA, committed since the very beginning to the promotion of projects linked to disadvantaged social realities, serves as a means of involving the Italian fashion system in the project.
Fashion is an industrial system that acts as a driving force in terms of fostering values of social solidarity, offering concrete support to sustainable, ethical development, by virtue of a globalized system that is equipped to integrate and promote different and competitive production realities. ITC, is a technical cooperation agency for development, active in the southern hemisphere of the world where it offers know-how on training and technical assistance. ITC has its set up its own facilities in the countries involved which avail themselves of the precious contribution of local personnel.