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11th Mission


Southern America

Perù is the leading producer and exporter of alpaca fiber worlwide.

Here the alpaquares raise alpaca the traditional way.
They are the GUARDIANS of BIODIVERSITYAND CUSTODIANS of local culture.

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10th Mission


Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan; high up there, where women move mountains.

Women artisans from Issyk-Kul region, worked with locally sourced organic felt, with the only addition of a spindle, needlework, and natural soap.

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9th Mission


Southern Asia

For the first time in history the Kalash women, and endanger community, have embroidered their traditional motifs for an international audience, to enable the world to partake this Women Empowering path

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8th Mission


Eastern Africa

Reforestation and local communities empowerment project supported with an ethical t-shirt capsule

7th Mission


Western Africa

Handloom, handwoven fabrics
6th Mission


West indies

Handloom, handwoven fabrics
5th Mission


South America

lpaca wool and Traditional wool embroidered motifs
4th Mission


Western Asia

Backgammon traditional box
3th Mission


Western Africa

Kente cloth: Handloom, handwoven fabrics
2nd Mission


Western Africa

Bogolan : Traditional mud cloth
1st Mission

Burkina Faso

Western Africa

Faso Dan Fani, Pagne: Handloom, handwoven fabrics