Social Awareness Raising Campaign.

We are made in Italy
(BLMIF collective)

The Fab Five Bridge Builders

For the first time, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Italian Fashion Council) in collaboration with The BLMIF COLLECTIVE will present 5 POC Talents from the new multicultural Made in Italy: Gisèle Claudia Ntsama, Frida Kiza, Mokodu Fall, Karim Daoudi, Joy Meribe

Five selected designers who were discovered by Michelle Ngonmo, founder of Afro Fashion Week in Milano, will show their SS21 collections as a unique collective of black-owned businesses Made in Italy, exclusively during MFW. AFWM has been the only institution to support and promote POC Talents of Made in Italy, in the last six years.

The Fab Five Bridge Builders, among many others, have carried out an exercise in education regarding the new Made in Italy through their collections. It is an exercise in multiculturalism that has been experienced firsthand, then applied to fashion.

Multiculturalism is not a form of performative propaganda crafted for media consumption; it is the true reflection of a rapidly changing Italy. This milestone presentation gives hope and reassurance to the often unacknowledged creatives that the future is bright, the glass ceilings are permeable, and that inclusivity in the creative sector is an ongoing, essential, and imperative part of Made in Italy.

Creative directors Stella Jean and Edward Buchanan, who have selected these 5 Talents among a wide choice of candidates, will serve as mentors and supportive voices for this exciting initiative that will be the first step of the six points Cultural Fashion Reform, submitted to the Camera Nazionale della Moda.
We are moving forward building the future of an inclusive Italy. This change has been supported by the commitment of president Capasa who has recently taken action to undersign this reform.

Carlo Capasa has guaranteed that this reform will be implemented between now and the next MFW in February 2021. The CNMI will also provide scholarships and mentoring to POC fashion students. The BLMIF platform will soon be available on the Camera's website. There will be a follow-up meeting in three weeks that will serve as a check-in regarding how the work is proceeding, along with a roadmap to share with other members.

We believe that Italy will not hide behind excuses and justifications. Instead, it will give its own powerful voice to a real commitment to serve the largest civil rights movement in history, with an effort to increase the inclusion of minorities who have always been in large part invisible. We are leading by example while starting from home.

Made in Italy shall be a commitment to promote human excellence.